Refurbished Apple Mac Studio

The Mac Studio was announced on March 2022, alongside the Apple Studio Display. Sitting in-between the Mac mini and Mac Pro in performance and cost, it offers incredible performance at a relatively affordable price-tag. At launch there were two models which are driven by the M1 Max or the M1 Ultra chips. Upgrade your workflow with a refurbished Mac Studio, 20% VAT included and free next working day delivery.

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      Buying a used Mac Studio vs Refurbished

      Lets face it, even buying a refurbished Mac Studio is an expensive endeavour. Buying a Mac Studio refurbished from Hoxton Macs provides reliability, warranty, finance options and next day delivery - all factors that might be lacking if buying used from a marketplace.

      Will a refurbished Mac Studio only work with a Apple Studio Display?

      No! The Apple Mac Studio will work with any external display connected through it’s HDMI or Thunderbolt 4 ports. Whilst the Apple Studio Display is an excellent display there are more budget friendly options available from all major manufacturers.

      How many displays can the Apple Mac Studio refurbished support?

      The Mac Studio with M1 Max, M1 Ultra and M2 Max can support up to 5 external displays, M2 Ultra models can support up to 8 external displays.

      Mac mini vs Mac Studio

      The Mac Studio sits above the Mac mini in the Apple desktop range. The Mac Studio has more powerful processors and graphics, more connectivity and the ability to connect multiple external displays. The Mac Studio can also be configured with more memory and storage.

      Mac Studio vs Mac Pro

      The Mac Studio sits below the Mac Pro in the Apple desktop range. The Mac Studio can be configured with comparable processor, graphics, memory and storage options but lacks PCIe and SATA expansion. When configured with identical specifications the Mac Studio is approx 40% less expensive than the Mac Pro. Why not make even more savings and buy a Mac Studio refurbished

      Mac Studio vs iMac

      The iMac has a display built into the design, whereas the Mac Studio requires an external display. The Apple iMac 24-inch comes with entry level Apple silicon processors, whereas the Mac Studio has the more powerful pro focused Max and Ultra chips, with the ability to be configured with more memory and storage.

      What Mac Studio is more powerful M1 Ultra or M2 Max?

      In short, the M1 Ultra will be significantly more powerful than the M2 Max. Check out our article for more info here.

      How much memory can the Mac Studio be configured with?

      Memory configuration of the Mac Studio depends on the processor,

      M1 Max - 32GB or 64GB

      M1 Ultra - 64GB or 128GB

      M2 Max - 32GB, 64GB or 96GB

      M2 Ultra - 64GB, 128GB or 196GB

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      What storage can the Mac Studio be configured with?

      The Mac Studio can be configured with 512GB, 1TB, 2TB, 4TB or 8TB SSD storage. Whilst the SSD is replaceable there are currently no third party upgrade options available.