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Hoxton Macs vs Marketplaces

Hoxton Macs vs Marketplaces

If you're in the market for a new Mac and considering refurbished, you might be shopping around on the different marketplaces alongside Hoxton Macs. We've sold on marketplaces, for example ebay and Amazon, so we're in a unique position to understand the differences for both buyers and sellers. Below we've done an objective breakdown of the major differences to help you compare.




Overall better service, more competitive pricing, better customer service and business with VAT invoices and BACS payment options.

Costs often higher due to additional marketplcae fees. Has the potential of being good but standards and processes are often inconsistent due to different sellers fulfilling orders.


More competitive.

We operate our own website and sell directly to customers, with no middleman (or marketplace) taking a cut. This means we do not have to pay to sell our devices and we pass this saving on to our customers.

Marketplaces fees increase prices.

Marketplace costs are typically higher, due to the fees sellers have to pay which range from 5-20%. Many marketplaces also allow sellers to pay more to push their products to the top of search results.


Consistent high quality with genuine accessories.

We are focused on selling one range of products, Apple. Since we began in 2013 we have honed our knowledge and processes to ensure that we are experts in our field which is reflected in our best in category, five star Trustpilot rating. In addition we always use genuine Apple accessories, you can rest assured you will not receive cheap third party chargers, keyboards and mice with your order.

Marketplaces can be a mixed bag.

You often don’t know who you’re buying from with a marketplace. Sellers may sell a broad range of products from different manufacturers. Jack of all trades, master of none! Some sellers may include third party accessories in a bid to sell their devices at a lower price, watch out for this as third party chargers, keyboard and mice are no substitute for genuine Apple in quality and functionality.


Clear and Consistent.

We have a simple and clear grading system. We have a tight control over quality control and processes which means that grading is consistent.

Multiple sellers on marketplaces causes inconsistencies.

As marketplaces allow multiple different sellers to participate, grading can be inconsistent as each seller sets their own grading criteria. Some platforms have tried to standardise their grading criteria but this still allows for inconsistency as sellers can interpret the criteria differently from one another.


Far superior, you can call or email for help, support or advice.

We have a dedicated customer support team reachable via phone or email, happy to help with pre-sales enquiries or post-sale aftercare. If you deal with one of our team members they will always be happy to speak to you again to stop you from having to repeat yourself.

With marketplaces you can't phone, communication is often slower and less responsive.

Marketplaces often only allow contact through their platform which can be slow and clunky, especially if troubleshooting an issue. You may be dealing with multiple people and have to repeat your questions to each person you deal with. It’s rare you can speak to anyone on the phone or easily get back in touch with the same person you previously spoke to.


Hoxton Macs has 1500 5-star reviews

Our business is built on a foundation of trust and providing an exceptional service. Founded in 2014 we’ve collected over 1500 5 star reviews across Trustpilot, Google and Facebook.


You often do not know who you are buying from with marketplaces, instead you put your trust in the marketplace. Often this can result in quality and service falling short, as sellers are less accountable and communication is less direct.


Dedicated team and process  

We have a dedicated team and process to handle returns, built around clear communication, with a focus on clear communication and minimising downtime. We first try to resolve the issue remotely, if we can’t then we arrange return then repair or replace the device, keeping you informed along the way.

Process and timeframe varies with different sellers and Marketplaces

Marketplaces often specify repair or replace but put less focus on seller procedures and timeframes to do this. Communication through the marketplaces is often slow, you can’t speak on the phone and you often don’t know where the device is being returned to. Sometimes sellers are located abroad, unbeknownst to you which can cause complications and delays.


Hoxton Macs supplies VAT invoices with all purchases

Each order we process comes with a VAT invoice showing 20% VAT, allowing you to reclaim the VAT if you are a VAT registered business.

With Marketplaces VAT is often not included

It's often difficult to determine if the seller is VAT registered or is selling under the VAT Margin Scheme meaning the cost to your VAT registered business could be 20% more than expected!


Free DPD delivery with better service and more options.

Free DPD Next Working Day delivery with same day dispatch on orders before 1pm. AM and weekend delivery available at cost. One hour time-slot delivery with inflight options such as divert to pickup shop. 

Marketplaces delivery time and costs vary

Delivery times can vary between platforms and sellers and often shipping options are inflexible. Some sellers may be dispatching items from outside of the UK which can take additional time to arrive and can complicate warranty repairs.


Plenty of options with Hoxton Macs

  • Visa, Mastercard and American Express
  • Paypal
  • Shop Pay
  • Apple Pay
  • Crypto
  • Bank Transfer

Less options with Marketplaces


  • Paypal only for certain sellers.
  • No Amex.
  • No bank transfer.
  • No crypto


  • No bank transfer
  • Paypal credit
  • No crypto.


  • No bank transfer.
  • No Paypal
  • No crypto


Klarna & Paypal Credit

  • BackMarket - Klarna on certain listings only
  • eBay - Paypal Credit only
  • Amazon - No finance available for Macs

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