Our Refurbishment Process

Quality guaranteed

Every device we sell is first inspected by an expert technician. We have 10 such technicians who, between them, share over 50 years of experience refurbishing Apple devices.

To ensure every aspect of the device works as intended, we follow an inspection procedure developed and vetted in-house, in which we carefully examine the following 6 components:

1. Display 🧑‍💻

We inspect displays for scratches, defects or imperfections. This can mean keeping an eye out for dust within display layers or searching for screen burn, light spots or dead pixels. Our inspection process also involves using benchmark panels to check the screen’s ability to show colour and brightness uniformly.

2. Battery 🔋

We are particularly careful about checking battery life, as the last thing we want is for you to have an unexpected low charge. That’s why, unlike others in the industry, the batteries of the devices we sell are under 500 cycles or are within 80% or higher full-charge capacity.

Any issues with the health of the battery are covered under our 1-year warranty. If you have any concerns we’ll run a remote test to make sure the battery is running as expected, and if it isn’t, we’ll replace it free of charge.

3. Logic Board ⚙️

The logic board is one of the most important components of a device. It ensures everything functions normally. That’s why we subject it to rigorous tests. We conduct a physical inspection to make certain it’s free from damage and that its ports work. After that’s confirmed, we test the Memory, CPU, GPU and storage. This is done using a combination of Apple Diagnostics and custom built processes.

The idea here is to give you a refurbished device that operates at peak efficiency.

4. Keyboard ⌨️

We test the feel and function of each individual key (including the Touch ID). The Touch Bar is checked to make sure its display works and is fully responsive. We also give the keyboards a thorough clean so that they work exactly how they should.

5. Cooling System ☃️

All our devices’ cooling systems are meticulously cleaned and tested to confirm everything is within range and that there’s no risk of the device overheating.

6. Accessories 🖱

There are a lot of articles online on the dangers of using third-party chargers and cables with Apple products. Our experience has taught us it’s best to play it safe. That’s why we always supply genuine Apple chargers with our refurbished devices. And, all of our iMacs come with genuine Apple keyboards and mice.

What Makes us Special?

Sold over 45,000 devices

5-star customer rating

Less than 1% Returns Rate

We understand you might still have reservations about purchasing your next refurbished Apple device. What we can say is that – in addition to our industry-leading practice to battery condition and Apple accessories – since we started in 2014, we’ve sold over 45,000 devices and our returns rate has stayed close to 1%. In that time we’ve also maintained a 5-star customer rating.

Trust is at the heart of our work – we do everything we can to make sure you know exactly what you are paying for. Now that you know what we're all about, why not explore our full range of refurbished Mac products?

5 star reviews

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