Buying a refurbished MAC from Hoxton Macs Saves on average 252kg of carbon emissions Compared to when you buy new.

Our mission is to reduce the impact on our planet. Buying refurbished does just that. In our most recent data we have a total net CO2 saving of 1,767,284 kg CO2E compared to when buying a new Mac.*

Up to 84% of a device’s carbon footprint is produced predominately during the extraction of raw materials and the initial device production and distribution.**

why buy refurbished

Apple devices are designed to last, but often great tech will find early retirement as they’re replaced with the latest models or when large businesses have staff changes.

We work hard to source the best used Apple devices, refurbish them to the highest standards and reintroduce them back into circulation. This extends each product’s life, puts those raw materials back to use and greatly reduces e-waste generated from overconsumption.

1 year warranty
We’ve got you covered

Our standards of inspection and testing mean that not all Macs get the HM Approved classification. For those devices that can not be sold, we safely and consciously dispose of e-waste using the
The Waste Electrical or Electronic Equipment Directive - WEEE for short. Find out more about this process here.

Data Substantiation

*Hoxton Macs carbon emissions Electricity May 2021 - May 2022 36550 KwH gives 12,850 kgCO2e. Source: Carbon Calculator. Freight outbound May 2021 - May 2022: 7018 orders 0.786kgCO2e per parcel gives 5516kgCO2e. Source: DPD sustainability report. Freight inbound 2021 Chargeable Weight moved 123,889kg shows 639,813.65 kgCO2e. Source Carbon Care. Total CO2 production May 2021 - May 2022 658,179kgCO2e. CO2 emissions saved from devices we have sold 2,425,463KgCO2e. Source: Apple. Net CO2 savings from devices we have sold Total: 1,767,284kgCO2e Equivalent of 10,582 mature trees (source) Equivalent of 2995 London to New York flights (source) Equivalent of 7,982,231 miles driven in the average UK car (source) ~252 kgCO2e saved per order