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The UK's best source of
refurbished Apple devices

We've been working hard

Founded in 2014 in East London, we’ve…

Sold over 60,000 Apple devices.

Received over 1,800 5 star reviews.

Macs without the price tag

We manage the whole process, this allows us to…

Source the highest quality macs

At the most competitive pricing, keeping tight control on functionality and condition.

Set the quality standards for refurbishment

We have honed our knowledge and processes to ensure that we are experts in our field.

Offer the most competitive prices

Through clever buying, lean processes economies of scale and removing the middleman.

Provide an excellent service

From our customer service, delivery options, to our warranty process.

Hoxton approved
We set the quality standards for refurbishment.

Since we began in 2014 we have honed our knowledge and processes to become experts in our field.

We have developed bespoke inspection procedures for each of our Apple’s product lines to ensure every aspect of the device funbctions as intended.


We work hard to source the best used Apple devices, refurbish them to the highest standards and reintroduce them back into circulation. This extends each product’s life, puts those raw materials back to use and greatly reduces e-waste generated from over consumption.

We're here to help

We are a home grown team made up of 10 experienced technicians - over 50 years combined experience. All our technicians work in house to provide direct support to our customers.








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