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Refurbished Tech, WFH and Hybrid: How Much Could Your Business Save?

Refurbished Tech, WFH and Hybrid: How Much Could Your Business Save?

With the ‘new normal’ now firmly settling into place, more and more business owners are looking at options like remote and hybrid working as ways to not only keep employees happy, but also to save money. Alongside this, we know that with carbon neutrality and wider sustainable business practices on many people’s minds, there’s also a growing interest in switching to refurbished workplace tech as both a money saver and a planet saver.

The question is, what are the specific savings to be made?

We’ve crunched the numbers and found that by switching to remote or hybrid working and using refurbished tech rather than new, businesses could save 46% of their IT budget and between £15,074 and £36,333.15 a year on office rent, waste, and energy - amounting to up to £88,000 in savings for an SMB typically turning over £5million a year.

Keep reading to find out how these savings can help your business.

Costs of New vs Refurbished Tech

The ever-evolving demands of the modern workplace can put a strain on our devices: the need for up-to-date business tools and software requires high quality equipment, resulting in the need to upgrade hardware. It is no secret that this can be a costly affair for businesses. In 2022, tech budgets are expected to grow by 51%, with the main reason being cited being the need for upgrading outdated IT infrastructure

With all the need for staying up to date with tech demands, many businesses opt for refurbished products.

Buying refurb devices saved my company at least 60% of our allocated funds. After an in-depth analysis, we opted for refurb tech due to its cost-effectiveness. As long as its condition will allow for three to five years of service life, it is a great way to save money and the environment.“ 
Robert Johnson, Founder, Sawinery

Depending on the model and grading of the device you are looking for, you can make massive savings when buying refurbished. Looking at the most popular business laptop models below, we see an average of 46% decrease in price for refurbished devices. To set a benchmark, companies in the Financial Services sector in the UK spend between 4.4% – 11.4% of their annual revenue on IT*, of which around 20% can be estimated to be spent on devices. 

This means that a company with an annual revenue of £5million spends between £44,000 and £114,000 per year on new devices. Buying refurbished could save such a company between £20,240 and £52,400 a year – enough to pay for one, or even two, new members of staff.

Make & Model

New Price

Refurbished Price

£ Saving

% saving

Apple MacBook Pro M1 (2020)





Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Nano





Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 9





Dell XPS 15 (9570)





Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Yoga Gen 4





Apple Macbook Air M1 (8GB/256GB SSD)





Apple Macbook Air M1 (8GB/512GB SSD)





Dell XPS 15 (2020)





HP EliteBook





Dell Latitude 9420







Even when you’re looking at device level, great savings can be made. For example, a Macbook Air M1 (512GB) can be 20% cheaper if you buy refurbished. Buying refurbished can also mean you’re able to afford a higher spec machine for the same budget. For example, Apple iMac (256GB, 3.1GHz 6-Core) new vs Apple iMac (512GB, 3.8GHz 8-Core) refurbished are a similar price. For the same budget, you can get a machine with a better processor and more memory. This means a more efficient machine for your staff.

"We used to buy second-hand devices from a well-known reseller, but we had many issues with these machines like batteries not working and specs being different than expected, as the products weren’t being checked sufficiently. As soon as we moved over to Hoxton Macs, we only had positive experiences."
Tim Robertson, Get Water Fit

Buying refurbished does not mean you have to compromise on quality. Refurbished tech can be just as good as new, but you need to be able to trust your reseller. When buying from a trusted reseller, the device may have some minor scratches but will generally be as good as new. If you buy directly from the past owner or from a less trustworthy reseller, the device could have a shorter lifespan or could come without warranty.

It's eco-friendly to buy used equipment instead of buying brand new. It saves perfectly good items from the landfill, and reduces pollution since you're not using energy and resources to build the equipment from scratch again.”
Meaghan Thomas, President and Co Owner, Pinch Spice Market

Massive savings are not the only reason businesses opt for buying refurbished, many cite its reduced carbon footprint. Using Apple’s own data, up to 84% of a device's carbon footprint is generated in the initial production and transport. Buying refurbished extends the life of each product and bypasses these initial production and transportation completely.  It’s better to repair and re-use than perfectly good tech ending up in landfill.

“More and more businesses are looking to go carbon-neutral, and buying refurbished tech can make a massive difference in your carbon footprint, without making concessions on business efficiency.”
Ben Higgs, Hoxton Macs

Costs of Hybrid, Remote and In-Office Working

Modern work has seen significant shifts post-pandemic, with almost all of the biggest firms choosing not to bring staff back to the office full-time. A report by One Advanced finds that while 70% of employees surveyed want to return to the office, only 6% want to do this on a full-time basis.

"Remote working has actually improved performance for many people. Our report found that 87% say their performance has not suffered as a result of working remotely, while four in ten believe it has improved."

The below cost comparison is based on a business with 10 employees based in London, taking in account the average office rent per square feet. The in-office option assumes they need at least a 450 square foot office, while the hybrid office is a 50% capacity (5 employees are able to work from the office at a time), assuming they would need at least 270 square feet.

Committed Spend




Office Rent








Waste Collection




Employee Health Spend (e.g ergonomic chairs)








This shows that small to medium-sized businesses could save £15,074 a year by switching to a hybrid wfh/office model and downsizing their office space, and a staggering £36,333 by switching to fully remote.

“Like many businesses, we switched to a fully remote work model during the pandemic.  We've since adjusted and are now running a hybrid work model that is working well.  We had a small office space to begin with, so we made the decision to keep it with the idea that it will still serve us well when we expand since we can incorporate a hybrid work model instead of renting a larger office space. "
James Green, Owner, Build A Head

The most cost-effective tactics

A company with an annual revenue of £5million who switches from buying new equipment and working in the office full-time to buying refurb tech and adopting a hybrid working model, can save over £75,000 a year. This amount could pay for the wages of 3 new employees.

Alternatively, it could pay to give 35 employees ergonomic chairs, adjustable standing desks, ergonomic keyboard and mouse, headphones, full Adobe software licenses, and an employee health cashback plan**.

For a business switching to a fully remote model, the savings would be over £88,000 a year.

With figures like that, it is hard to argue against making the switch to buying refurbished, just as it’s becoming difficult for employers to find any reason not to offer remote and hybrid working environments.

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** Based on a budget of £2,082 per person.