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macOS Ventura is now available

macOS Ventura is now available

Apple have now released macOS 13 Ventura and it is available from the App Store, see here.

macOS Ventura brings new features such as Continuity Camera, Stage Manager, collaborative tools in Safari, new and improved Mail and an overhauled Messages app. More info can be found in our previous article, here.

As with all major macOS releases we urge a level of caution in being an early adopter as there can quite often be bugs with the newest versions. We recommend holding off for a month or two to be safe. Before updating also ensure that any third party software will be compatible.


Will my Mac run macOS 13 Ventura?

✅ Devices that will support macOS 13 Ventura are,

This means some popular and well loved models have been dropped from being able to update.

❌ Devices that will not support macOS 13 Ventura are,

Yesterday, Apple have released a redesigned iPad and updated the iPad Pro with M2 chips with significant prices increases over previous models.


iPad price increases

The new iPad (64GB) costs £499, up 56% from the 9th Gen predescessor which started from £319. The 9th Gen iPad has also had a price increase, from £319 to £369.

iPad (64GB) 9th Gen

iPad (64GB) 10th Gen (new)


iPad (64GB) 9th Gen


£499 (+56%)


£319 Sept 2021

£369 (+16%) Oct 2022)


iPad Pro price increases

The new M2 iPad Pro 11-inch starts from £899, up 20% from the M1 model which started from £749. The new M2 iPad Pro 12.9-inch starts from £1249, up 25% from the M1 model which started from £999.

iPad Pro 11-inch (M1, 128GB) 3rd Gen

iPad Pro 11-inch (M2, 128GB) 4th Gen


iPad Pro 12.9-inch (M1, 128GB) 5th Gen

iPad Pro 12.9-inch (M2, 128GB) 6th Gen


£899 (+20%)



£1249 (+25%)


Notably the iPad mini and iPad Air have also had a price hike with the 64GB iPad mini increasing from £479 to £569 (+19%) and 64GB iPad Air increasing from £569 to £669 (+18%), despite no updates to the hardware.


Price jumps are not limited to the UK, Europe and Asia have also seen similar increases. The strong dollar along with the recent jump in inflation is likely the driving factor behind the increase.


We are expecting Apple to make similar increases on the Mac lineup with the expected update announcements in November, assuming a 20% rise this will put the price of the entry level MacBook Air at ~£1200 and entry level 13-inch MacBook Pro at ~£1600.

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