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Dev Patel
Dev Patel
Ben Higgs

Macs can be frighteningly expensive, with the most basic 15-inch MacBook Pro now retailing for £1699 a brand new Mac is out of reach for us mere mortals. That is where Hoxton Macs enters the stage. 15-inch MacBook Pro with top spec for under £1000? We got it. Latest iMacs with 30% off RRP? We got your back.

I know what you're thinking, I can feel the rolling of your eyes from here; "What's the catch?". Well, we operate out of an office in London where we procure and refurbish our Macs, without the cost and fuss of having a retail store or tons of staff. This keeps us lean with the ability to pass these savings onto the customer. By no means does this mean we skimp on the checking of our machines, even the latest models that come to us still sealed in the box get the full Hoxton Macs treatment, going through a meticulous refurb process to ensure every aspect of the machine works as intended.

We will be using this blog over the coming months to update everyone with what Macs we have coming in, and providing some helpful guides on how to upgrade your Mac, choose a new Mac and inevitably fuelling some rumours of new Apple products (*cough* iWatch *cough*), so stick us in your bookmarks.

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