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macOS 15 Sequoia: New Features, Release Date and Compatibility

macOS 15 Sequoia: New Features, Release Date and Compatibility

Apple has just announced their latest Mac operating system, macOS 15 Sequoia. Named after the Sequoia National Park, macOS Sequoia marks the 21st edition of macOS and builds upon the previous macOS Sonoma. Below, we'll delve into the new features, release date, and compatibility.

macOS Sequoia New Features

So, what's new in macOS 15? Apple has introduced several features and design updates that will enhance workflow, improve user experience, and create a more seamless integration within the Apple ecosystem.


macOS Sequoia will significantly enhance Continuity by introducing iPhone mirroring, building on the Universal Control and Universal Clipboard features already present in macOS Sonoma. With iPhone mirroring, users can control all aspects of their iPhone from their Mac. This means you can use applications, send messages, and access any iPhone feature on your Mac while the iPhone remains locked. Additionally, macOS 15 will bring iPhone notifications to the Mac, allowing users to receive and interact with App notifications via iPhone mirroring. Further enhancements to Continuity will also allow users to drag and drop photos, videos and files from and to your Apple devices.



Productivity in macOS 15 will see significant improvements. With the new window tiling feature, you can easily move windows to the corners of your screen and arrange them efficiently. You'll also have the option to customise your tiling preferences. Additional enhancements include upgrades to FaceTime and screen sharing. For example, the Presenter Preview feature allows you to see what you’ll share before displaying it to everyone on a call, and you can now add high-quality backgrounds during video calls.



Safari will introduce Highlights, a new feature that quickly provides relevant information from any website, such as directions and contact details. Additionally, Reader will be updated to offer effective summaries and a table of contents for any article you're reading. When you watch a video, Safari will now activate Video Viewer, enabling the use of your Mac’s playback controls for a more seamless viewing experience.


Passwords app

The new Passwords app lets you store all your login information, passwords, and verification codes in one convenient place. Using end-to-end encryption, this app provides a secure way to store your important account details. It features a user-friendly interface that allows you to organise and search for the information you need efficiently.

Passwords app


With Metal 3 and Apple Silicon, macOS Sequoia will deliver the best gaming experience on Mac, offering improved frame rates and graphical fidelity. This advancement paves the way for more AAA titles to come to Mac in the future. Ubisoft has announced that their upcoming title, Assassin's Creed Shadows, will be released on Mac. Additionally, games like Control, Resident Evil 7, and Palworld will be available soon.



Messages will also be updated to allow users to schedule messages for later, offering more ways to express themselves with new emojis, stickers, and text effects, making it easier to add emotion to your conversations.


The Maps app will be enhanced with added detail to existing maps and the ability for users to create their own walking, hiking, or running routes. These routes can be saved and accessed across all of your Apple devices.



Notes will introduce Live Audio Transcription, allowing users to record audio that can be converted into text, making it ideal for documenting conversations. Additionally, Math Notes will enable users to solve complex calculations instantly with the equals sign. Notes will also feature collapsible sections and colour-coordinated text, enhancing efficiency and productivity.



Further gesture controls will be added to AirPods as you’ll be able to nod or shake your head to say yes or no.

Additional Features

Further enhancements will also be expanded to other applications in macOS 15.

  • Calculator: History and unit conversions will be introduced and you’ll be able to complete complex calculations
  • Calendar: Integration with the Reminders app
  • Freeform: Ability to share your board using a link and organise your creations better
  • Photos: You’ll be able to organise your library and pin specific photos or albums
  • Weather: Home and work locations from contacts can be added
  • Home app: Guest access, ability to add robot vacuum cleaners and assess electricity usage
  • Privacy: Improved menu system

Apple Intelligence

The standout feature introduced in macOS 15 is the integration of Apple Intelligence, a cutting-edge AI technology. With the rise of OpenAI, artificial intelligence has become increasingly essential in our daily lives. Apple has fully embraced this trend by integrating Apple Intelligence into some of the most commonly used applications in macOS 15. To access this new AI functionality, Mac users will require a Mac equipped with an Apple Silicon processor. Additionally, users have the option to opt-out if they prefer not to use it.

The rapid progress in artificial intelligence is a key feature of macOS Sequoia, with the potential to significantly transform how we use laptops and desktop computers. So what can you expect from Apple intelligence?

Apple Intelligence

Proofreading and Rewrite

Apple's proofreading feature uses AI to check grammar and sentence structure, making it an invaluable tool for work and education. Writing essays, work emails, or speeches will be much simpler, letting you concentrate more on the content rather than the delivery.

The rewrite tool will rephrase your paragraphs without changing their original meaning, helping you better deliver the appropriate tone in your writing. Whether you need it for a professional setting, summarising a large block of text, or making your writing more concise, this tool will instantly improve any written text.

Priority Notifications

To minimise the risk of overlooking events or information, priority notifications will guarantee that the most crucial updates are presented first. Furthermore, notifications will be condensed, enabling you to swiftly review them at a glance.

The Mail app also applies this concept by prioritising time-sensitive emails, such as approaching deadlines or invitations to imminent events, and bringing them to the forefront of your inbox. This powerful tool can be combined with the ability to display a summary of longer emails within the app, making it the perfect solution for users who need to quickly read emails while on the go.

Image Wand

Paired with the Notes app, the image wand can interpret a basic finger or Apple Pencil sketch and convert it into a fully-fledged image. For example, a rudimentary robot doodle can morph into a detailed, AI-generated robot image, closely resembling the initial sketch.


A whimsical and entertaining addition made possible by Apple Intelligence is the introduction of Genmoji. By using the keyboard, you can describe the image you wish to create and witness it magically take shape before your eyes. Furthermore, you have the option to delve into your photo library and fashion unique Genmojis from your own pictures.

Image Playground App

With Apple's Image Playground, users can effortlessly craft original and entertaining images in mere moments. By inputting descriptive text, suggestions, or utilising photos from their personal library, users can choose from various styles including animation, illustration, and sketch. This amalgamation of different concepts enables users to seamlessly blend ideas, resulting in entirely new and unique images.


Apple first introduced Siri as a separate downloadable app in February 2010 before integrating it into the iPhone 4s released in 2011. It offered users a way to perform simple tasks and access information from the internet. Now, Apple has revamped Siri entirely, utilising Apple Intelligence to transform it into the ultimate assistant for your Mac device or phone.

Siri has been upgraded to integrate with various applications. You can now ask Siri to find specific files, notes, and information on your Mac, minimising the chance of losing content and streamlining file access. This feature is especially valuable for users with extensive content stored on their device.

Apple has enhanced Siri's language comprehension capabilities. For instance, when discussing the best restaurant in Paris with Siri, you can also ask follow-up questions like "where is it located on the map, and what will the weather be like there?” Siri will understand your context and respond accordingly.

Another recent addition to Siri's capabilities is its onscreen awareness. It can now understand the context of what's happening on your screen and assist you accordingly. For instance, if you receive an email on your screen, you can ask Siri to take action and respond.

Siri will also have the capability to collaborate with ChatGPT for specific requests.

macOS Sequoia Release Date

Apple has announced that macOS 15 macOS Sequoia will be released on June 10 as a developer beta and later released in the Fall for the general public.

macOS Sequoia Compatibility

Can my Mac install macOS Sequoia? Below, we provide a full list of devices that will be able to upgrade to macOS Sequoia. Please note that Intel devices cannot use the new Apple Intelligence features. 

Device Year

2019 and later

iMac Pro

2017 and later

Mac Pro

2019 and later

2022 and later

2020 and later

2018 and later

2018 and later

Devices predating this list will not be compatible with macOS Sequoia. At Hoxton Macs, we exclusively offer devices that support the latest macOS updates. It's crucial to understand that any device predating the currently supported list may pose security risks due to the lack of updates.