Refurbished iMac M1

The M1 iMacs represent a leap forward for Apple's standalone all-in-one desktop devices. Announced in June 2020, the latest iMacs are available in a range of pastel colours from blue to purple (this colour being exclusive to 8-core models only) and have been extremely popular with consumers and tech reviewers alike. Moving to a 24-inch 4.5K screen thanks to smaller bezels, and 3.2GHz octa-core performance, this iMac will be a reliable device whether used for home office use, education, or in an SME environment.

Buying a iMac21,1 refurbished is a great way to get access to one of the latest Apple devices, so get peace of mind with Hoxton Macs 1-year warranty included, as well as genuine Apple accessories with all our Apple hardware. Want even greater affordability? We offer Klarna for finance payments on many of our devices.

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