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Hoxton Macs Black Friday Deals

Hoxton Macs Black Friday Deals

Not ready for Black Friday? Don't panic! At Hoxton Macs we don’t participate in Black Friday or Cyber Monday. This means no flash sales, no limited time offers, but it doesn’t mean no ‘good deals’!

Instead we always strive to offer our most competitive prices on all devices. The prices are based on a number of factors, like the age, specification and configuration. This way, if you’re buying from Hoxton Macs you can trust that the price will always be good and fair for everyone.

If you speak to our customer support team our main aim is making sure you understand the different specifications and choose a Mac that suits your requirements and budget. Often with Black Friday deals you are limited in choice to particular items with a time pressure added to make a decision. This isn’t how we operate as it doesn’t align with guiding customers to the best Mac for their needs or consistent and accurate pricing.


Some great Macs we have in stock and available

Great for general use, basic office and student work.

Refurbished MacBook Air 13" Core i3 1.1GHz (2020)

Refurbished MacBook Pro 13" Core i5 1.4GHz Touch Bar (2019)

Refurbished Mac mini 2018

Great for professional apps like Adobe CC or lots of multitasking.

Refurbished MacBook Pro 13" M1 (2020)

Refurbished iMac 27" (2019 and 2020)

Refurbished MacBook Pro 16" (2019)

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